UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd & U E Learning Centre

Abacus is scientifically proven to be beneficial in improving one’s mental capabilities, speed of response, memory and concentration power. Mathematics will become much easier for your child and hence, will help him or her to develop a strong lifelong foundation. Learning these skills will assist in strenghtening your child's mental power, an important asset in the knowledge economy.

3G (three-generation) Abacus’ unique approach combines 9-bead and traditional abacus. It allows students to quickly pick up the technique of Abacus, and allows them to relate these techniques to mainstream Mathematics. 3G Abacus 2-in-1 is for children 4 years old and also for students who have difficulties in Mathematics.

What is UNIQUE about 3G Abacus run in THINKING BEYOND? 

A team of highly experienced instructors will deliver extensive, well researched course material in a small class size setting.


At the end of each module, students will sit for a test. Students are also required to take part in the International Abacus-Mental Arithmetic grading examination for both abacus and mental calculations according to their abilities.


Advanced Learning Centre

Our Philosophy

To co-operatively help students build strong cognitive fundamentals and strategies in order to achieve success in content learning.

Who We Are

A team of dedicated staff who are rich in experience in the teaching of their respective fields or subjects. Our trainers believe in helping our students establish sound building blocks for learning in order to attain academic success.

Why Advancing In Learning

• Encompassing learning to be all purposeful
• Encouraging the exploration and reflection of all sources of information
• Making linkages of multi-disciplines and their applicative values
• Honing our linguistic skills as we aim at bilingualism or multilingualism

Our Core Values

Kids are our future. We bring out the best in them and respect them as individuals.

We maintain the highest professionalism to ensure integrity is practised.

We embrace a listening culture to promote healthy two-way communications.


Languages are important as they form the platforms for learning and communicating. Multilingualism benefits all. Why not start mastering bilingualism at ADVANCED LEARNING CENTRE.

Our Collaborating Partner – Tinker Tots Montessori


We offer Montessori classes for children in collaboration with Tinker Tots Montessori. Our program offers a well-rounded curriculum that recognizes the individual potential of every child. We adapt a unique blend of thematic and Montessori methods for educating young children. We maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, which creates a nurturing and supportive environment to guide children along in their pursuit for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

The 5 key learning areas of the Montessori environment

  1. Practical life activities teach children the life skills to help develop independence, coordination, concentration, self-control, self-awareness, confidence
  2. Sensorial activities allows the child to learn through their 5 senses
  3. Language is based on phonetic awareness. Children work through hands-on and tactile language materials
  4. Mathematics concepts are learnt through concrete materials, rather than abstract learning
  5. Cultural area allows the children to explore the world around them

Our Collaborating Partner – Professional Artist - Elisa Liu


Elisa Liu is a contemporary visual artist who believes that art is a great way to bring people together and enjoys spreading joy and colours to people’s lives.


A graduate from NTU with working experience in design, marketing and international business strategy, Elisa now manages her own artistic practice and has shown her works locally and abroad.

She has also been invited to conduct artist talks, workshops and live-painting performances with various organisations and is an active contributor to the local and regional arts and community outreach sector - working with schools, non-profit organisations and various community events.

To see Elisa’s latest works and events, visit:

Ms. Elisa Liu
Contemporary Visual Artist
MOE-approved Instructor
Certified Trainer & Facilitator