Thinking Beyond Programmes 


Remove Barriers, Unleash Potentials


Here is a short summary of what your children will experience at our centre.


Creative Writing – from Thought to Print - encourages pupils to tell their stories creatively and confidently as they unleash their imaginations from their thoughts to the blank page and discover the fun that can come with writing! Writing genres include: Poetry, Music, Dialogue and Descriptive language conducted in individual and group settings and will bring out their best prose writing.  They also get to collaboratively create an anthology of works into a book or two.

Art Meets Design 
We integrate our children’s design skills into our Art programme. Giving them design challenges will increase kids’ creative and artistic techniques and even boost their cognitive thinking skills. Our key objective is to help kids develop innovative, creative solutions to problems they will encounter in tomorrow’s visually complex and culturally interconnected real and virtual world.

Full STEAM Ahead covers a rich content of STEM inquiry-based activities that are tailored to ignite critical thinking in children. By combining Science, Technology and Engineering with disciplines like Language Arts and Maths, kids receive greater engagement and application and with a good head start to learning both for school and for life.

Our After-School Club and School Holiday Camps
Thinking Beyond After-school Club allows our kids to come in daily or twice or thrice a week after school. They get to maximise their afternoons with 1.5 hours of school homework or school-based revision of English, Maths or Science plus 1.5 hours creative enrichment of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths

During the holidays, our kids who attend the after-school sessions during the school term join us in our three-morning sessions of planned holiday camp activities each week of a different theme and complexity. 2019 line up: September: STEAM – The Ecosystem with underwater photography, photo-editing and printing. November- December: STEAM – Tower Construct; Car Crash Test (Energy); Bridge Building Competition; Electricity-magnetism Project; Glider Principles. All kids can sign up.

Whatsapp Us To Enrol or Enquire For More Information at 88181891