| Our Mission

THINKING BEYOND aims to mould our students into individuals “ready for the learning process” and young learners with acute environmental perception, exhibiting positive thinking, sensitivity and responsibility, as well as, having a firm grasp of the academic acumen.

| Our Vision

Through experiential and learner-centred activities, we want to encourage and foster comradeship, goodwill and a spirit of cooperation that will bring about a synergy of cultural diversity essential to a lifelong learning mindset.

Our Centre also aspires to lay the foundation for our students to become critical thinkers and engaged learners, capable of achieving their fullest potential through our learner-centric, experiential and cross curricular teaching methodology and programmes.

About Kathy Lim Suan Sim

The Founder

After graduating from NUS under the MOE Teaching scholarship, Mrs Kathy Lim’s first school was CHIJ Katong Convent, where she later became the Head of the English Department. A stint of no-pay leave brought her back to full-time teaching again, this time at Anderson Secondary School and thereafter joining a private speech and drama company to teach and assist in curriculum development. She formed her own company and, with her team of teachers, helped foreign students prepare for their GCE O-level English exams in a few SAP schools like RI.

Having run the gamut of teaching in the mainstream schools, consulting in enrichment courses and dealing with both local and foreign students of the widest competency levels, Kathy wondered about the cognitive fundamentals of each student and why certain pupils struggle with their work despite putting in so much effort and time.

In 2014 she met the founders of ThinkersBox, who impressed upon her how each child can be cognitively assessed with a detailed profile, and given personalised targeted modules that can help each child strengthen and improve in various cognitive areas. Now trained in the SOI system, she hopes to share with parents the awareness of their kids’ profiles and how and why they face learning challenges in the early school years if not the later ones.

My Message

"My vision is one to help students make use of their valuable time after school to gear up on their homework, learn how to plan their revision and study time but more importantly to enjoy our daily specially-planned curriculum which will hone in their interests, build on skills and show up their fruits in order to build their competence and confidence. Our target for our kids is to embrace a passion for learning and fulfilling a life of passion."

Kathy Lim