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Inspired after hearing the story of ‘Iggy Peck, Architect’, Kieran and Janella were more than excited to get something creative done to be put up on the wall for the rest to see. Upon actively involved in answering the questions I had posed to each of them to stir their listening skills, they enthusiastically decided on their mission – they were going to do a story summary! (but of course, not the usual humdrum summary) 

How can the summary of Iggy Peck, Architect be something ordinary? (Iggy peck was someone who had built a tower at the age of two with his dirty diapers and glue and built a castle of chalk at grade two!)

Our ingenious students planned to draw a ladder, bridge and measuring ruler (cleverly chosen to signify the elements of Architecture) using anything they could find around Thinking Beyond premises! They meticulously wrote a short summary of each of Iggy Peck’s creations on the steps of the ladder they had formed. They found different textured strings , crushed paper, tiny metal buttons, coloured cotton and many more items to fill their Architectural structures. 

They gleamed with pride as they completed their work and witnessed me put up their piece on the wall!

Juliana Rita Nathan

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