Have you ever looked at a Rangoli drawn at the entrance of one’s house and found yourself immersed in the sea of the vibrant hue of rice flour or grains? I have, and hence, I decided to introduce and impress my students with the beauty of this ancient art discovered thousand of years ago by Indians.

Did you know that Rangoli is actually a science of vibration pattern? When a person looks at such patterns, they manifest into vibrations inside the mind of the observer which in turn calm the minds. Rangoli, thus, has a soothing effect.

This Deepavali, as part of our Arts enrichment, I dedicated the lesson to draw a Rangoli, a colourful science of symmetry. After going through some important design concepts in visual art, my students were given firsthand experience in creating an Indian cultural design tradition.

They had so much fun preparing the coloured grains and putting them in separate containers. Some of them even wanted to reserve a colour of their choice for them to use to decorate the design (which obviously I did not allow).

The students drew circles using a string, pencil and tape (a skill we taught the kids a few months ago) followed by other geometrical shapes to create an intricate design. They then proceeded to fill the shapes with the brightly dyed grains. They were mesmerized with the final outcome of their patience, creativity and hard work. What resulted was a beauty! Take a look at the pictures. The students definitely had a whale of a time…

Juliana Rita Nathan

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