Benefits of colouring by numbers

Have you explored the activity ‘colouring by numbers’ in your homes or classrooms before? Well, I did and I must agree I am extremely astounded by the positive impact it had on my students. After reading about the myriad of benefits this simple, yet amazing activity provides, I decided to engage my students in it after they were done with their school-based work. It proved to be a good exercise to give my students after they were done completing a couple of mock papers as they prepared for their exams.

They came to realize that this activity allows them to use numbers for something other than counting. They were enthralled and became engaged with ease as they gingerly matched each colour key and watched the image come to life before their very eyes. The more they coloured, the more the picture came to life. Everyone enjoyed their personal quiet time in a productive manner.

Colouring by numbers teaches a child the paramount importance of learning how to follow instructions. By possessing a better understanding of this process, a child will be able to follow directions and work towards their end goal in a more organized and systematic way.

Even my youngest student, who is a cheerful 6-year-old, was able to sit through the session and complete her colouring without getting distracted. The older ones even held a mini-competition amongst themselves to see whose work would turn out to be the most attractive. On the whole, everyone was able to focus and concentrate to ensure they colour the correct number to match the correct colour.

In conclusion, they expressed a sense of accomplishment as they completed their individual pictures and saw the end result. I was glad to see that they took great pride in their work and allowed me to laminate their work and display them on the wall for all to see. 

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