September 2019 Holiday Camps

Day 1

Language Arts :  Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing

  1. Colours of my World
  2. Metaphor Madness
  3. Scavenger Hunt – a Game
  4. Strip Story/Prose: A Tall Tale (group/ pair work)
  5. I can Haiku (Poetry)

Day 2

Science: Ecosystem

  1. Biotic and Abiotic factors
  2. Producers – Consumers – Decomposers – Food Chain
  3. Plan a Project – to set their goals and break down their tasks; how to implement and monitor. [Day 3 is implementation day – charting their work for presentation]

Day 3

Technology : Mock up a pond in order to photograph underwater shots

  1. Pond setup – include fish, shrimps and mini-lobsters with aquatic plants
  2. Underwater photography – learn taking macro-shots with an underwater camera
  3. How to save photos on to the computer
  4. Simple photo-editing skills using Photoscape
  5. Photo printing
  6. Charting their work for presentation

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