What's Thinking Beyond?

Thinking Beyond believes that every child is born with the potential to succeed when he or she is nurtured with the right tools in a safe, encouraging, stimulating ambience.

As the world is constantly evolving , we believe our children should learn skills that not only help them reinforce collaborative and cohesive ethos, but also instill a sense of responsibility towards society.

At Thinking Beyond, we focus on literacy, cognitive and social-emotional skills that will benefit your child greatly, ensuring they become a confident, self-directed lifelong learner.

Thinking Beyond Motto
"We learn not for school but for life."

3 Reasons to Choose Thinking Beyond

Customised Approach

Our customised approach allows us to fully understand how each child progresses through the programme.

Proprietary System

Our system and programmes are all created in-house to meet the growing needs of our children.


Our programmes are designed for our children to become 21st century self-directed learners.

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